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Five Reasons To Try It

“It smells like someone painted an entire car in your bathroom”

I found this comment on the Internet and it was about a bathtub that was refinished by spraying resin based paint on it. The comparison was very accurate – this process is very smelly and toxic…

Liquid Tub Liner is opposite of the product mentioned above. It has undeniable advantage over the other bathtub refinishing products available on the North American market.

I would call this product the best solution for bathtub restoration and I have five reasons to do so.

Reason 1

Of course, there are some other refinishing products with low VOC available on North American market, but most of them don’t last long and peel off in a couple months - maximum a year.

Products with a good lifetime are usually toxic, smelly and flammable.

Spraying toxic and smelly product in a residential environment you can encounter situations which are impossible to foresee. In 2011 I worked in a condo apartment with only one bathroom. There were two children 8-10 years old. Both kids needed to use the bathroom right after I sprayed it with primer. It put me in a tricky situation: I could not refuse little kids to use a bathroom when they desperately needed it, but I could not let them go in a bathroom full of highly toxic vapor. And only way to stay in there is to wear heavy duty respirator… No comments... 

If a refinishing technician wears protective respirator, goggles and uses heavy duty ventilation system to run fume out, then customers are left unprotected and are forced to breathe toxic vapor for hours after the tub is done.

DO NOT FORGET about refinishers themselves. A technician takes a dose of toxins every day and it doesn’t matter how careful and accurate he is: sometimes he forgets to change respirator cartridges in time, sometimes he takes the respirator of too close to the tub. Most of them do not wear goggles or full face respirator (it is hard to see through it) and have their eyes unprotected. I know that feeling of desperately sore eyes while spraying a tub.

Spraying highly toxic paint in residential properties is always a risk for health of customers and technicians. Also it is a risk for the company to be sued by clients or technicians if their health damage is considerable.

Using Liquid Tub Liners product you will:

Using Bath Tub Liners you would not need to feel sorry for your customers for that terrible (and toxic) smell you brought to their place of living. You would not need to apologize to them and explain it is the only way to refinish a bathtub and almost all companies use the same one.

Reason 2

It is applied by simple pouring on top edges and walls of the bathtub.

And that means:


Reason 3

Sometimes bathtub enamel is damaged hard. It is a typical problem of most cast iron tubs. The bottom and sometimes walls of such tub are very rough with many chipped, scratched or worn areas. Traditional (spraying, brushing or rolling) methods  require that all imperfections must be patched first with some filler such as car body filler or fast setting two component resin. See the pictures below. 


This is a time consuming procedure and sometime one coat is not enough. Also thin layer of sprayed (brushed or rolled) paint does not stay well on the surface prepared by above way. On the picture below you can see paint at the bottom of the bathtub is peeled completely just because the bottom fo the bathtub was patched with red car body filler.


Liquid Tub Liner requires no patching on the horizontal surfaces of the bathtub and may be a little bit on the wall s.

Reason 4

It has a similar formula and is based on the same epoxy resin. Industrial epoxy floors lasts many years in toughest conditions – cars and other machines run over, workers walk in heavy duty (sometimes iron shod) boots and etc. Epoxy floors easily withstand an impact of women’s heel where pressure can be up to 1000 pounds per square inch.

And now the same product is used for bathtub restoration purpose. But nobody wears heels or heavy duty boots in the bathtub.

That is why the estimated lifetime of Liquid Tub Liner is more that 10 years.

Reason 5

The application method is very simple that it can be done practically by anyone. It is very simple to learn how to work with Liquid Tub Liner - just watch the video entirely without taking any actions and then follow it step by step from the beginning.

That is why:

Try our wonderful product. One set does not cost enough money to be afraid to risk it.

I am very sure that if you try it once You’ll never come back to the old and smelly method.

My best regards
Eugene Tikhonenko
Bathtub refinisher since 2002 in Chicago IL and Toronto ON